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fear duck records







lapida gona play in the escarabjo nuevo laredo tamaulipas whit critical suicide , verdebra ,-1 , polly , mok , fusion of hate date 4 december 2004 pantrea tribute cover 5 dlls



grate concert in the roche mty mex whit grat bands like critical suicide , polly , lapida of curse , mok , no me puedes ver(you can see me) and a lot of band date made because juan ramon the vocalist is his birthday an then we made a play for him very good bands.



lapida is ready to record his first full length album whit new powerfull songs like ¨caguama¨ and another new songs


the new page is ready we have troobles whit the server and we have down our page but now is ready and soo much better than the old page